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Dinosaur MMO cross play game

Path of Titans is a free-to-download dinosaur adventure game that offers crossplay support. In this simulation game, you will play as a dinosaur that must live, battle, and survive in its online open world. It grants massively multiplayer gameplay wherein you can expect about 200 players per server.

There are more than 25 dinosaur species that you can use and encounter in Path of Titans. Moreover, the dino creature you chose is also available to be personalized to your preference. If you wish to play more dinosaur games, try Saurian or Jurassic Park Builder.

Survive the competitive environment

In Path of Titans, you can see your chosen dinosaur grow from a baby hatchling to a grown-up creature. You can pick the dinosaur pet you wish to nurture from the wide range of species it presents including Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Sarcosuchus, and so on. On your adulthood journey, you must learn to hunt for your own food and defend yourself from other predators like the apex of Panjura.

Though lackluster in atmospheric vibe with often quiet audio, you will wander around a gigantic 8km x 8km environment for every server you visit. From there, you can work together with other online dinosaur players that you finish a quest with. As stated, it grants players crossplay support, so you will be able to seamlessly connect with other gamers no matter what device or operating system they are using.

On the other hand, it’s also a highly customizable game that allows you to personalize your dinosaur and its own cave. For instance, it permits you to change the colors or the markings of your pet dinosaur especially if you have unlocked a fresh game skin. Apart from that, you can also uncover new combat abilities. Meanwhile, your cave can be designed with various items you've gained from your challenges.

Promising dinosaur encounter

Path of Titans is a fresh dinosaur simulation experience that’s fun to play with. The multiplayer actions that it gives are remarkable in that you’ll be encouraged to invite your friends to go into a quest venture with you. Another selling game feature it provides is the deep customization it gives you, from your dinosaur’s look to its personal cave.


  • Choose pet dinosaur from wide range of species
  • Huge game environment to explore
  • Massive online multiplayer game
  • Highly customizable


  • Lacks atmosphere
  • Quiet and boring audio sounds

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